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Soya(TVP) Chunks


About Soya Chunks

Soya chunks also known as 'Texturised vegetable protein' made from the defatted soya bean meal consist of approximately 50% protein, Soya chunks with their hydration properties can be used in a wide range of food applications. Soya chunks can be used to replace vegetables in a variety of recipes. Soya chunks can be further processed to form meat analogues or to serve as economical meat extenders. Low in fat and an excellent source of proteins, iron, B-vitamins. Soya chunks are becoming increasingly popular in the market. A variety of branded and unbranded chunks are available locally. Apart from increasing yield and cutting costs food processors also use these for functional and nutritional purposes widely.

Standard Packing :- 40 gm , 80 gm , 100 gm , 5 kg , 20 kg

Also Available in Mini Soya Chunks.
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